Mission Statement

Capital Realty Investors is a full-service boutique real estate firm that handles sales, rentals, marketing, property management and development of real estate properties in New York City.

Our services include provision of brokerage services, preparation of market analyses and property evaluation reports, marketing of properties, property management, and provision of relocation assistance. Capital Realty Investors is also involved in residential and commercial property development – we develop and manage real estate projects outright, as well as entering into strategic partnerships with developers on existing construction, remodeling, rehabilitation, renovation and new development opportunities.

Our portfolio of clients includes U.S. and European based investment funds, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals, professional athletes and celebrities. We constantly update our list of investors’ requirements in order to be able to efficiently present them all the new properties entering the market that match our clients’ specific needs. Additionally, we work very closely with our clients providing our clients in-depth market research and full development services.

We don’t believe in “standardized” answers for our Clients: we know that personalized solutions yield the greatest competitive advantage and value to our Clients when approaching the world of real estate.

We believe in professionalism, that’s why we put the Client’s interest first, delivering the best of our firm to every Client.

We know we will be successful if our Clients’ investments are successful.